Abandoned Stained Glass House

The Abandoned Stained Glass House is almost completely hidden during the summer months.  Depending on which way you approach the house you could miss it!

As you can see, it was very overgrown!  Once inside, the house was a bit of a mess but it held a lot of interesting secrets!

The house had quite a bit of items left behind & plenty of natural decay!  Starting upstairs there were four bedrooms & a bathroom.  Some were still somewhat set up with furniture still in its place.  Other rooms had been tossed a bit likely by treasure hunters.

The main floor had very dated decor.  It was definitely a classic layout with a huge eat in kitchen.  In fact all the rooms were huge!  I just love the the 9 foot ceilings!

The front door of the house was likely not used for quite some time as it was heavily overgrown.  The stained glass side lights light up the staircase when the sun was at just the right angle.  We were lucky enough to be there when that happened!

The Abandoned Stained Glass House also had a gorgeous railing!  Very ornate woodwork.  I did take some time to focus on some of the smaller details found inside.  The old hockey game & road race set were pretty awesome!

The Abandoned Stained Glass House was definitely a great explore & is definitely a favourite for both Zenning with Zay & myself.  Another one of the thousands of Abandoned Ontario Farm Houses!

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