Abandoned Christmas Time Capsule

The Abandoned Christmas Time Capsule was an amazing yet sad place Zenning with Zay & I recently explored.

As we walked up the driveway we could finally see just how big the house was! I wasn't expecting this at all!  It was a great time of year to visit as the fall colours were amazing & the drone did a good job capturing them!  Sitting out front was a creepy headless doll on a tricycle watching over the abandoned house!

Now before you ask, I took the exteriors at the end of the explore.  Its always best practice to get in undetected that way nosey neighbours don't cut the explore short!

Once inside I stated off the explore in the garage/workshop area.  There was so much stuff left behind.  What I did start to notice was there were some Christmas decorations up.  Things started getting sad as I headed down to the basement.  With clothes still hanging, it would seem that whoever last lived here, didn't leave on their own.

I then went upstairs to check the rest of the place out.  It quickly became apparent that the house was once home for an elderly couple who had likely lived there for quite a long time.

The kitchen itself was rather small & crude. I didn't think too much of it until I moved on to the other areas of the house. It served its purpose for cooking but there was no eat in area & it almost seemed unfinished.

There were three bedrooms in the upstairs of the house & all of them still had everything left behind. One room in particular seemed to be the master bedroom however it was decorated like it was a teen's room. The other two bedrooms also seemed to be kids rooms which as really weird. Weird because there didn't seem to be any adult bedrooms!

The family room is what really gave the place it's name. Although there were decorations through out the The Abandoned Christmas Time Capsule, this room had a tree & plenty still set up. It was sad seeing this, especially with the disrespect the vandals unleashed inside.

The last areas to check out was the family room, dining room & a back room. Everything was still there however vandals had tossed the place. Even the dining room table was broken in half & all the items one on it had been smashed. There were certainly some nice treasures in there & it was sad to see people just wreck the place.  Abandoned Time Capsules are always great explores, but sad at the same time.

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  1. Great job capturing the feeling in this home! Good steady camera hand, and very respectful commentary. There are a lot of abandoned houses along Highway 11. A couple of blue abandoned houses just after Camp Hillbilly as you head back towards T. O. I think you should check out! The roof callapsed partly on one but still looks cool!

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