Abandoned 1970s Ski Resort

The Abandoned 1970s Ski Resort has been abandoned for over 30 years & people are really getting concerned with it.  Fortunately Zenning with Zay & I had the opportunity to explore it as it sounds like its days are numbered.

The first actually skiers to the hills came in 1968 when the slopes were initially developed by a Swiss company. In order for them to do business within Canada they had to create jobs. Within in a few years the resort was booming which led to the building of the resort.

The resort & conference centre was state of the art with conference rooms, large dining halls, a screening room & many guest rooms. It peaked during the 70's & 80's as guests flocked to the quieter & more affordable mountain compared to others in the region where prices were inflated & line ups long.

Details aren't 100% clear but I was able to piece together a fairly decent timeline for the Abandoned 1970s Ski Resort.  It seems the Swiss developer who created the resort met their obligation to the Canadian government in the 1990's.  They then shifted their focus to other resort, Mont Tremblant which they owned.

The concerns surrounding this old abandoned building are number one, its a huge safety concern. The place is in ruins. The bones are good, but there are numerous hazards. Smashed windows, mold, open elevator shafts are some of the many issues. Secondly it's an eyesore! Many of he newer condos face this building & obviously nonexplorers cannot see the beauty in decay like us! Another issue if I the translation was correct is hydro. It sounds like the newer buildings have their hydro metres within or intertwined with the old abandoned buildings power.  It may be a miss-translation or just terrible engineering.

It was bitterly cold when we explored the resort. Tucked between the mountains, there seemed to be a cold front lingering. It was actually so cold my drone was not behaving as it should but fortunately I was able to at least get a little footage for the video but sadly no pics.

I must say it was a pretty awesome explore despite being so trashed. The views were phenomenal & I bet the skiing is great! My understanding is this was one of the first mountains to open for the 2020 season! After this explore we heading to Ottawa to explore an epic abandoned mansion so be sure to check that out as well!!!

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  1. Mont Ste. Marie was originally opened around 1966. My husband Mike has been skiing there since the opening. His brother Bob Delaney was the first ski patrol leader in the area. It was owned and developed by John Clifford before the Swiss bought it. Mike’s uncle Rolly Lafleur and his son built the fireplace in the lobby.He was a stone mason. This conference center was to be one of the most advanced and modern around. Shortly after the Ottawa Congress center was built and they lost business. On the ground floor is the hydro substation that gives power to all the condos. That is one reason it is still standing.

  2. Hi Audrey, I used to ski patrol there in the late 80’s. Was your brother patrolling then? I think I remember him

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