Huge Abandoned Farm House

This huge abandoned farm house dates back easily 100 years however the story I am telling is half as old.  Last year I got a heads up from a follower about this property now having a chain across the driveway & that I should go check it out.  It took a few months before Zenning with Zay & I finally had the chance & we were not disappointed!

Set a few hundred meters back from the road is this grand farm house.  The driveway is lined with mature trees & the grounds surrounded by apple trees, 3,000 of them to be exact!  With a couple dozen different species of apples, the farm has been a fixture in the community for 50 years!  Over the years customer would visit the farm to purchase apples, cider, pies & other treats however in 2019 there was no harvest.

The orchard was first planted back in 1972 & took several years before providing a harvestable crop.  The orchard thrived over the years & the back buildings were used to store hundreds of thousands of apples!  The thriving business ceased operation in 2019 as the owner decided it was time to retire, at the age of 88!  The property has been sold off to a numbered company & plans are to demolish the house & wipe out the orchard.  Federation of Agriculture president chimed in stating the closure was indeed sad news & blames the government & city planners who are essentially wiping out the best farming land in the province.  The further north, the smaller the yield as well, high import costs.

The house was essentially split into two sides with the back area seemingly for servants & the front the main house.  The servants area had a large living room on the ground floor & small kitchen & bathroom which was shown above.  The second floor featured two bedrooms & nothing more although there was access to the main house.

On the first floor of the main house was a large eat in kitchen with a unique feature I had never come across in an abandoned farm house which was the sitting nook!  This was likely a great spot to sit & read while cooking dinner or even just hanging out in the kitchen which often times is the place to be during get togethers!

Outside the kitchen was a beautiful living & attached dining room all with beautiful baseboards & trim!  There was also a fireplace in the living room & the two rooms could be divided with absolutely stunning bi-fold doors!  The place really had some incredible wood features & there was still plenty more to see!

The main staircase was absolutely stunning!  Some much beautiful wood & as per usual, I shot it from virtually every conceivable angle.I am sure it cost a pretty penny putting it all in & I feel it was worth every cent!  Now that we have made our way upstairs, you're in for a real treat!

On this side of this huge abandoned farm house, the main side, there were four bedrooms & a bathroom.  The master bedroom faced the front & had hardwood flooring beautiful windows.  Then things get wild!  The three remaining bedrooms had absolutely incredible wallpaper!  Two of the three also featured funky shag carpeting & it all seemed to have been stuck in the 60's!  This is quite interesting knowing the last owners moved in at the beginning of the 70's so they likely made it their own & did virtually nothing in terms of updating for the next 50 years!  This huge abandoned farm house was such a treat to explore & it really saddens me that it will be demolished.  On a positive note, the large trees that lined the driveway are all tagged so hopefully that means they will be incorporated into the soon to be built subdivision.

Exploring is the mission, not a competition!

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  1. This may sound funny, I love trying to find the locations based on any clues I can find…
    Found this one 😉
    Keep up the good work..

  2. Have you ever heard about the Meek Estate in Hayward, Ca.
    It was abanboned for decades when I was a child. My girlfriend and would sneak on the property and try to explore. One day we were able to find our way in. Huge enclosed veranda, ballroom, drawingroom big staircase with beautiful bedrooms and a tower with a widows walk. That started my own insatiable curiosity for all abandoned homes, castles, mansions, etc. I went back yto o my old stomping gtounds 35yrs sgo and I think it’s a park now with house tours, similar to our Bidwell Mansion in Chico, Ca. Can you explore it and give us the history behind it?

  3. Such a shame to demolish the house with the appletrees, that is just to much stupidity!
    Thanks for a great video , found you on Youtube!
    Wow, great to see such house,.

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