Mysterious Abandoned House

It was April of 2019 when Zenning with Zay & found this Mysterious Abandoned House.  I headed out on a road trip with no real destination in mind.  We wanted to just drive & be free & explore whatever we came across.   Turning down the back roads & less beaten path we started to find some rather interesting places.  This house being one of them. We could see from the road that it was overgrown & a hydro line was down but the house itself looked in rather good condition. We decided to check it out anyways & one we parked in was clear that the house was indeed abandoned.

The house was plain & we really didn't have high expectations from it but still we had to check it out as you never know what you can find.  After parking we went to the back door & discovered it was unlocked.  As soon as we stepped inside we immediately had an eerie feeling.  There was just so much stuff left behind & seemingly untouched.  The back door led into the large dining area which had beautiful antique stove as the centre piece.  Off that was the actual kitchen & laundry room.

I absolutely loved that stove!   There was clear evidence on the ceiling that water was making its way in as some tiles had fallen & there was staining.  Off the dining room was a large living room where it appeared that some items had started to be packed up but then abandoned just like the house.  What struck me as odd was the numerous air fresheners hanging from the ceiling.   The only time I have witnessed such a thing was in the movie Seven which was to mask the odour of death.

Moving along I went back through the dining area which lead to another living/family room & this was where things really creeped me out.  Everything was still in place, untouched as if the family had just stepped out.  I felt uneasy being there but I knew for a fact this house was abandoned.  Its really a feeling that will always be with you as an explorer as it is often difficult to grasp where an entire family would go & have to leave everything behind.

From there I ventured upstairs to find even more mystery as so many items had been left behind.  It was evident someone had come in & rummaged through items likely looking for treasures which is an all too common practice when a home is abandoned.  Despite what many people think its not explorers but usually neighbours.

The explore was now complete but as with every explore I try to dig up some information on the previous owners.  Often times you can find an obituary indicating the owner had passed however this one was different.  The family who had lived here had some very unfortunate luck.  In the summer of 2002 while on a week long canoe trip in Northern Ontario, the teen daughter & her friend were expected to check in after three days at a small town where they would portage through but didn't.  It was written off that they just forgot however after the week was up & still nothing from them, police were contacted.  Police & volunteer searchers combed the thick forest looking for any sign of the girls however after several weeks they called off the search.  Just a few weeks later the son was in a single vehicle freak accident where investigators ruled it as mechanical failure in which forced a recall from the automotive manufacturer for 10,000 cars in Ontario alone.  The parents were at a breaking point & from what I pieced together just up & left one night, never looking back.

Of course this as all speculation based off zero facts & I don't even recall where this house is located.  That said, it could be true!  Regardless, we really enjoyed this Mysterious Abandoned House!

8 thoughts on “Mysterious Abandoned House”

  1. This place with the several air fresheners IS odd. There is a fly swatter hanging on the wall in one of the living rooms over the couch. Odd as well. Another weird thing is the shoes left in the kitchen area as if someone just came in and took them off. What a great find! No bodies in bathtubs though in this one! Lol

  2. If you love that stove, check out the ranges by Elmira. My parents built a house in the 1980’s, my Mom’s dream was to have an Elmira stove. It was styled as an antique but is electric. There are lots of options, she opted for partial wood burning. It was a center piece in their home. Mom used it only on holidays, as a second oven to prepare food for our large family. My parents have passed on now, but the stove remains in the family.

  3. Many things in that house seemed strangely clean. For a place abandoned when VHS’s were still a thing, I’d expect more dust all over everything. The living room and the kitchen looked like someone was making a half-assed effort to keep it tidy in my opinion. Bedroom with the red sheet looked used recently and also tidy compared to other rooms. Maybe squatter/s?

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