Abandoned Château Richard

Perched high upon a hill in the Quebec countryside you can find the Abandoned Château Richard!  This Victorian mansion was built in 1907 by the industrialist Louis Richard, the wealthy owner of a synthetic leather factory.


The Victorian castle features a stone facade, turret, two story balcony, a pavillion styled roof made with Canadian sheet metal.  The house had a few owners & the current owner, a woman had intentions on fixing it up however those plans seem to have stalled.   Although there is heritage significance to this gorgeous 2½ story beauty, there is no support from the Ministry of Culture to help preserve it.

Zenning with Zay & I stopped by here on the first leg of our trip.  After a nine hour drive we were excited to get out of the car & stretch our legs & what better of a place to do so!  Just seeing this place in person was amazing & as we walked around taking pictures we noticed a gentleman sitting in his truck in the driveway across the street.  Knowing we were being watched with did not attempt entry & as we finished up & headed back to the car the man approached.  The smiling elderly man began to speak however our French is poor at best which we stated right away.  After some words & gestures we realized he wanted to show us something else!  We hoped in our car & followed him down the road not knowing what we were in for but the kid old man presented no threat whatsoever.  A short distance away he pulled into a parking lot across from a very old mill that was being restored.  He also told us that there was a waterfall out back!  He seemed quite proud of his little village & being able to show it off to us.  After we wandered the mill we got back in the car & were on our way. We spotted the man a few houses down who gave us a big wave as we passed by.  We knew from this moment on the road trip would be a good one with the positive vibes on our first stop!

The next morning we decided to go again & try our luck with entering the Abandoned Château Richard.  As expected it was very secure with not chance of getting in without a key.  No big deal as the exterior was so stunning we couldn't get enough of it!  There are plenty of rumors out there about this mansion being haunted & someone being killed there, all of which are urban legends.  Today the porches are deteriorating but the grounds are still maintained.  There are no current plans to work on the house & the current owner, from what I gather is not keen on allowing people in.

11 thoughts on “Abandoned Château Richard”

  1. Amazing, disappointed you couldn’t get in. You’ve got me thinking about how amazing the staircase inside probably is XD

  2. I celebrated the 2000 new year eve in that house. It was 20 years ago, and it was a better looking at that time. It’s so sad to see it like that.

  3. hi buddy,
    What was the address of this beautiful estate.
    I remember when i was in grade 7 our class went to Quebec to learn about our history and The Adams Family house was part of the tour. That was 28 years ago.
    Anyways seeing your pics it sparked my interest and I’m planning a trip to visit Quebec city and why not stop there along the way.

  4. I would like to know if the woman still owns it I would love to buy and restore it! Does anyone know if it’s for sale?

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