Abandoned $6 Million Dollar Satanic Ritual Mansion

The Abandoned Satanic Ritual Mansion was pretty amazing but short lived as foolishness got it sealed.

The story of the Abandoned Satanic Ritual Mansion starts off as many of them do. With my well trained urbex eye I spotted something the piqued my curiosity. We did a second driveby & I was convinced this was an abandoned mansion. I quickly parked a distance away & was all ready to go however Zenning with Zay wasn't as confident as me. Perhaps it was doubts because we have already explored the amazing $2 Million Dollar Custom Mansion a few hours earlier & there was no way we could possibly be that lucky.   After a few short minutes we were geared up & walking up to the mansion!  The first door I checked was unlocked & we slipped inside.    Our hearts racing we began to digest what was actually going on.  Here we were, inside yet another incredible mansion!   The first rooms we entered was a large living room with a fireplace & a sun room added at a later date.

From there I moved on to the other side of the mansion where there was a dining room, kitchen, laundry room & study. I didn't bother photographing the dining room as it was full of junk & the laundry room was underwhelming.  The study had a hidden secret! Built into the gorgeous woodwork on the walls was a secret room with wildly decorated mirrors, a seat & bar area. I suspect the study was where the original owner would retire to after a long, hard days work & open up his secret bar & pour himself a stiff drink then relax by the crackling fire.

It was after this that things started to get awesome & weird! Making my way to the staircase of this three storey mansion I was absolutely amazed! I mean this staircase was EPIC! Not a spiral but my God was it incredible!  Something I have only personally witnessed in a few mansions & this beauty was still 100% in tact!  I stood there for a minute taking it all in.  The craftsmanship involved in creating such a awe inspiring staircase boggled the mind.   Let me tell you this, not a single creak happened while those stairs which is a sure sign that a master carpenter or more worked on/created these!

By now I am sure you have noticed some odd things as did I. What appeared to be blood spatter as well as crosses were on the walls. What the hell was that about? I've come across some pretty odd things in my days of ubrex but this was really getting weird! Nevertheless, I pressed on!

Obviously I had to take a few more shots of the stairs before I could pry myself away to check the rest of this place out!  Without a doubt, these were a work of art & needed to be showcased!  If I were living here I would probably spend an obscene amount of time just chilling out on the landing admiring them!  Yep, total stair nerd & proud!  Finally I was able to drag myself away because the crosses & blood really got me wondering what was up with this place!  At the top of the stairs was a bedroom with a fireplace that seemed ornamental rather than functional & a built in cabinet.  The room was huge by bedroom standards but not for this place!  to the right of the grand staircase was a bathroom that had been mostly gutted but you can still see just how extravagant it would have been in its prime!  past that were two additional bedrooms, each large & well lit!  Circling back to the other side of the staircase was a massive room that seemed to double as a walk -in closet & then the master bedroom.  The plastic sheets everywhere reminded me of the TV show Dexter based solely off the blood & crosses I had already come across.  Perhaps it was painters drop cloths but having since viewed the house in its prime, I knew that was not the case.  What was the purpose of these sheets?

This is about the time things really became interesting/weird! There was one door I had not yet entered mainly because I thought it was simply a closet. Boy was I wrong! When I opened the door I was shocked to find a wrought iron spiral staircase! Holy crap! This is the mansion that keeps on giving! It was pretty much like my birthday, Christmas & every other wonderful day of the year all tied into one!!! From the outside I had no idea that this was in fact a three story mansion as there was nothing from the front that was indicative that there was a third floor!

Things were beyond weird now. More crosses, some random writing & then a board with numbers seemingly tallied. I really didn't know what to make of this but I was in too deep by this point. As I moved explored the upper floor I found a hidden passage that connected to a room through a closet & as interesting as that was...shit got REAL! I walked into a bathroom & just about had a heart attack!!!

For those of you that have been following me for a while you know I don't click bait or make anything up. My positioning is to be as factual as possible because I rather earn respect for what I do genuinely than pretend something is haunted. This however was no joke! I had absolutely nothing to do with what I found!! I filmed this before taking photos so watch the video to see the true reaction of what took place!!! I was so caught off guard when I walked in but after a moment realized it was a hoax....thankfully.  Now on to the basement where the theme continued....

By now it was beyond apparent that there was some creepy Halloween party hosted at this mansion & after some light research I found out the truth.  This mansion, which has some truly incredible historic significance was sold in early 2018 & the new owners had plans to demolish it & build a gaudy new mansion in its place.  Fortunately local historians discovered these plans & advocated for it!  The plans were changed & then owners were stuck with a mansion they now had to preserve.   The latest plans include removing the third floor but for the most part it will remain as is because of the historical significance.  Thankfully someone out there realized that despite the market value of property, we need to preserve such places.

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