Sexy Retreat Time Capsule: The End

My second visit to the Sexy Retreat Time Capsule was only two weeks after my first explore.  This time I was Freaktography who was excited to see a spot with so much promise!

Second Visit

My first visit here I was definitely nervous & raced through it.  I knew the place was definitely abandoned but it still had me on edge.  One detail I never let out as the state of the driveway.  It basically looked like an old logging trail as there were many downed trees.  It was clearly impassable for MANY years!  Here was what I saw when I made the trek up the first time.  The below pictures were never posted previously until now!

Needless to say when I came upon these I knew it was going to be an epic explore! Now I should add that when I first found this place, the left door was kicked in. Judging by how the place looked, someone had rummaged through looking for cash & jewelry I suspect. Things that are small & easy to make money from.

dead mice
Crying Doll

Nothing really changed since my first visit to the second but it was only a few weeks!  I did take more time to try & capture some of the details I had breezed by previously.  It wasn't until my third explore of this place where Zenning with Zay & I went together!  That was about 1.5 years after I had first discovered it!  We had both been separately but wanted to check in on it together.  Boy had things changed.

End of Days

It was pretty obvious that not only had the decay increased, but it had been looted. You can see in dining room especially where items once on the high shelves are missing in the latest set.  Here are some comparison photos!

It really is amazing to see the difference. I had returned after this visit but once was unable to check in as there were people horseback riding right near the house. Another it had been locked up tight. Then last September we drove by one last time. Sexy Retreat Time Capsule has been demolished with a new home being built in its place.

Sexy Retreat Time Capsule

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