1960s Abandoned Bungalow

After many attempts I finally ad the chance to explore this 1960s Abandoned Bungalow with Zenning with Zay!

This 1960s Abandoned Bungalow is in a neighbourhood where change is a constant! Older homes with large lots are bought to accommodate modern mansions. It's not just something happening in Toronto but all over the place & has been for quite some time. I had tried to explore this one many times over the years but never got inside. But persistence finally paid off recently!

I started on the north side of the 1960s Abandoned Bungalow & right away it showed it's age! Although it may not jump out at you, the windows had screens at the bottom. There were these little doors that would open inwards to allow the air to flow. This didn't seem like a good way to allow air flow as it really didn't seal up tightly. I bet there was a draft in the cooler months! The decor throughout was clearly all originaly including that amazing bathroom! Plus you gotta love that flocked wallpaper in the master bedroom!

The 1960s Abandoned Bungalow was a lot bigger than it looked! I was shocked to find the home office off the dining room! The family room had boxes of brand new items still in packaging. It was a mix of office supplies & cleaning products. Clearly they had been there a while & a lot of the items were dated It seemed as though store closed these were the leftovers!

The basement was pretty standard for houses of the era. Always a basement bar in these finished basements. This place as clearly locked in time when it comes to the decor!  Now as always I save the best for last!  There was not an epic staircase but there was an epic kitchen!

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