Bankrupt Millionaires Abandoned Mansion

Last Fall Zenning with Zay suggested we check out this Bankrupt Millionaires Abandoned Mansion.   It looked pretty cool but I felt it as a bit too clean & didn't really get amped up about it.  That is until we actually got inside!

I always love a good mansion explore but sometimes the cleaner ones don't really do it for me. After all, my bread & butter for exploring has always been decaying abandoned houses! That's what turned me on to this hobby many many years ago! But like I said, once we got inside, things changed!

I started off my explore here in the home office/den which was done up in a dark wood with a fireplace & some nice furniture left behind. Then on to the dining room & living rooms. As you can already see everything in this place is massive. I don't even know why you would need such huge rooms. Floor space, okay maybe, but why these 10 foot plus ceilings? It just seems excessive to me!

From there I head on over through the incredible corridor that separated the front from the back of the mansion. It features an awesome opening from skylight to main floor! Beyond that was the custom kitchen which was massive & any cooks dream!

The basement of the Bankrupt Millionaires Abandoned Mansion was pretty epic! Although there was a lot of empty/dead space, it still was pretty cool. I didn't take pics every where is it would be boring but you see it all in the video! The swimming pool was petty amazing but it will be the downfall for this place. Every mansion we've explored with indoor pools always fall to pieces from the moisture. This was at the very beginning of the mold. Seeing as its been close to a year since our visit I bet its pretty nasty now!

The second floor was pretty amazing! I mean the corridor alone was stunning & everything you'd expect in an epic abandoned mansion!

Aside from the master bathroom & hallway, the upstairs didn't really have much else of interest. Still the rooms were huge, but nothing special. But, as always I save the best for last!!

The front foyer & staircase were just so epic! I don't even know what to say other than wow! Definitely one to remember! Oh & some bonus shots from the mansion just because it was worth it!

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