Abandoned 1850s Country Home

In early 2023 Zenning with Zay & I went to check out this Abandoned 1850s Country Home.  We know it would likely be demolished but I wasn't really sure what this place would look like.  You actually had to drive up to it as you couldn't see if from the street.  As we came up the treed driveway, the house came into view!  What a beauty!

Sitting on just over an acre of land is the 1.5 million dollar 1850's farmhouse Obviously just looking at it from the outside you can see it had many additions over the years. This is common as families grow & farmers start getting a good return! What really impressed me about this place was just how loved it had been of the decades.

The house sits on a hill overlooking a nearby town.  It also is in an area where development is well underway & spreading quickly.  The home itself sold in 2021 for 1.3 million dollars, 200K less than it was listed for  That said, the owners who sold it basically doubled their investment as they had purchased it in 2019 for $750,000!  Pretty good investment!

Now I can confirm that this property will be demolished as it will be part of a provincial government initiative.  Unfortunately I cannot divulge what exactly as I would hate to see this place set ablaze.  That only puts neighbours  & first responders at risk.

I suspect this Abandoned 1850s Country Home was about to undergo additional renovations.  But then the government showed up with a big bag of cash.   Reason I suspect this is the kitchen had brand new windows.  It is nice to see that the appliances were taken.  Not just end up in a landfill.

The additions put on this place over the years were really nice.  The fireplace room with the wood ceiling was awesome!  I bet it was cozy with the fire rocking!  The mudroom was quite nice with the exposed brick & plenty of natural light.  I didn't take any pictures up the stairs but it is in the video!  My favourite part of this place had to be the sunroom!  Big & bright, I bet this was a great place for summer nights or storm watching!

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