Abandoned Law Offices

While out exploring we came across these Abandoned Law Offices!  Zenning with Zay & I had randomly driven down a road that had some major work being done.  It was a bit annoying with all the pot holes, but it also lead us to a brand new find!

From what I can tell the offices were open up until late 2022.  It sits along a very busy road that is doing major expansions so this place, along with many others well eventually be demolished.  The house itself was quite old & I figure it to be built in the 1950's.  There was the large sunroom added on at a later date which was really quite nice!

The Abandoned Law Offices was very well kept over the years while it was a private home.  But it didn't end there!  As you can see even today its still in pristine condition.  I know it seems too clean but in reality, this is what many places look like when first abandoned!  You have to start somewhere.

Heading upstairs is where you could really get a feel for the age of the place.  The windows were original so I bet it was spendy to heat & cool!  There was nice hardwood flooring in about 2/3s of the upstairs but then there was this strange room.  Fully furnished & had a Zen type vibe to it! It was actually pretty cool & odd at the same time.

The last area to check out was the basement.  Often times this is the least interesting part of a explore.  But not here!  Turns out there was quite a lot of stuff left behind.  Even a law library/safe room was still setup. For the most part, all personal files had been removed but there was still a lot there!  An interesting place that will soon be demolished.

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