Abandoned 1960s Time Capsule

Now this Abandoned 1960s Time Capsule was pretty amazing!  Zenning with Zay had a pin & suggested we check it out.  I had no idea what we were in for but it turned out to be incredible!

This abandoned house in located in a neighbourhood full of new mansions. As the previous generation transitions into smaller homes, assisted living or even passing away, these places are bought & demolished. Its sad seeing it as these truly unique places are being replaced with extravagant yet boring hulking mansions.

The upper level was pretty interesting & had some wild 60's colours going on!  The green shag & that orange & white built-in dresser!  Plus the two bathrooms were pretty fancy!  Then you get to the master bedroom & its just boring.  Fortunately the rest of the house made up for the one boring bedroom.

As you can see the main floor was incredible!  This Abandoned 1960s Time Capsule was built by a developer.  He & his family were the sole owners up until 2022.

This one room was pretty wild!  So much amazing custom work done to it.  It's really sad that it will be destroyed.   I personally would love to have it!  Sure, its a bit dark but open the curtains!

I absolutely love the kitchen.  It was so funky & unique!  This house was really a fun explore.  The funny thing is, I completely forgot to film the upper level as i was too into the main floor!  Fortunately there really wasn't that much to see up there.

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  1. You did such a good job on this. I cannot believe that this home will be demolished. We had much of that decor in our present house in Lewiston, which we renovated in 2011. It is not nearly as magnificent as that place.
    I was first drawn to your videos with the one of Simonds/ Guterl Steel in Lockport. It was eerie and heartbreaking. That was the best job that I have ever had. I and my friend Clyde Ferguson can fill you in on the details about what everything was there.

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