US Agents Abandoned Mansion

This US Agents Abandoned Mansion was quite a surprise!  Zenning with Zay & I had it on our map for years but never took the time to check it.  Finally one day I was heading to another location & decided to finally check in out.  Was I ever in for a surprise!

Right away I was blown away with just how decayed this place was.  You really wouldn't know it either unless you were right there to see for yourself.  The property is typically kept to an extent & the exterior isn't falling to bits at the front!

Now I didn't get much opportunity to nose around deep into this place as my visit came to an abrupt end.  But from what I saw, this was definitely an American citizens home.  He had been in the Air Force & I suspect even special forces.  As I explored, the mansion kept me asking questions.   It was really weird that the entire place had bullets in EVERY room.  I don't mean a few, but thousands!

I was loving the US Agents Abandoned Mansion!  This was such a interesting explore.  It's also nice to explore a place with so much decay!  Then clean ones can get boring if you don't get your fix of decay!

I had finished up taking all my photos but still had to do my video.  I checked the time & was shocked to see I had been here for over two hours just taking photos!  It was now time to shoot the video.  Everything was going great & I was just about finished when things went sideways.

I was in the back area where all the gun safes were when  heard a noise.  It was foot steps in the snow.  I stood still & knew the person was just outside.  I crept over to the window & opened a curtain just a bit & a man, following my footprints & looking in the window.  Crap!  I thought it may have been an explorer as he seemed to have a camera bag.  The thing about this place was there was only one way in & out due to snow & ice.  I waited a bit then I head him inside.  Still assuming it was an explorer, I waited then he opened a door.

After a somewhat hostile introduction & hm acting really odd, I asked about the place.  This guy was guarded & still aggressive but I was calm & cool.  I've seen this movie before & know how it will play out.  I asked if I could finish up.  He said it wouldn't be okay. I was still trying to get some info & he finally told me he was the neighbour who was tasked with watching it.  He brushed off my questions & said he thinks a movie was filmed there.  I played along but doubted him.  He took my picture & sad the cops would come to my house if anything was missing to which I laughed.  This place as frigged!  What could be taken?   Either way I was super cautious & think it was sheer coincidence that he caught me.

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