Sad Abandoned Time Capsule

This Sad Abandoned Time Capsule was one Zenning with Zay & I had passed many times but were always going to visit people & never stopped.  When we finally went to check it out, we were amazed but also saddened.

There were several out buildings on the property as well as a van & a boat!  In all honesty both are common finds on rural properties.  Near the back of the house was what I thought was a small shed but Zay told me I need to check it out!  It was like little apartment!  Probably a nice relaxing spot to chill in the warmer weather!

Inside is where things get sad.  So many items left behind.  In fact, it seems that virtually everything was left.  Its often a mystery finding these places but anyone can leave there home one day & never return.

The last dates I could find in this Sad Abandoned Time Capsule was from 2018.  I know we had driven past it many times but never stopped.  It always had the look but with the property cut we were never quite sure until recently.

Sadly this place was discovered by looters.  Often times they are the ones the makes these places accessible.   I was quite surprised at the efforts to rip out copper from everywhere.  The effort it took to smash holes along the wires would be far more than the $50 or so in return....and that's after stripping the coating off the wires too!

My favourite part of course was saved for last.  No epic staircase but there was a pretty awesome kitchen!  I loved how everything was mostly still in place, especially that cabinet with spices!  That was a pretty sweet piece of furniture!  It was a pretty interesting explore & I am glad we finally took the time it check it out!

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  1. Are you ever able to find out the story behind a place like this? It is so odd- it looks like they left for work one day and never came back.

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