Treacherous Abandoned Farm House

While out road tripping for my birthday Zenning with Zay & I came across this Treacherous Abandoned Farm House!

This year my birthday aligned with Easter so I had an extra long weekend!  It was pretty sweet!  We packed up & planned on car camping & bring along Opie.  Unfortunately this particular house & others on the trip were not safe for him.  But he was fine in the car.  He also did get to run around at some rural churches & school houses!

We weren't having much luck until Zay noticed a scout on her map we hadn't checked.  With good vibes flowing we head over to check it out.  Often times we do a walk through to see if we want to shoot a place but this time we didn't.  Just got our gear & headed right on in!

It seems that some vandals had already been here & left some brutal tags.  I tried to clean up the worst stuff from the pictures.  The main floor here was pretty cool.  There were some neat old chairs & lots of documents.  Plus the one bedroom had loads of books & custom built in radio!

Then I headed upstairs.  This is where the house gets the name, Treacherous Abandoned Farm House!   The upper level was much better in our opinions!  Each room had its own decaying charm.  Showing signs of just how long it really had been abandoned.  Oh I should also mention the carpeted room with two chairs...well that freaked me out.  The carpet was soaked & I felt the floor give a bit when I was there.  You can hear the fear in the video! lol!

Lastly, a single portrait shot of this amazing bathroom.  It was pretty dicey getting photos in here!

Awesme Natural Decay

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