Wealthy Farmers Abandoned House

On my birthday weekend road trip my amazing wife Zenning with Zay suggested we check out this Wealthy Farmers Abandoned House! It had been years since I was there & I didn't feel I did a good job so I was eager to reshoot it! Plus, I could now get a video!

One thing about revisiting  places is that things change.  Not just the location but how you see & shoot your shots.  Plus the lighting & seasons change so really you can get a totally new perspective.  For this revisit, it had been almost seven years!  On my first visit I only took a few shots.  At the time I wasn't really feeling it.  But this time around I was pumped!  I been digging the old classics lately & this one is so unique.  The stone work around the house is amazing!

It was clear from the outside that this place had several additions done over the years.  This is common as the family & wealth grows!  The more kids you had, the more free labour!  Once inside I did have a few faded memories of the place.  It mostly seemed the same upstairs.  In face the chair & skates had been in the same spot since I had placed them there!   Pretty surprising but confirmed when I looked at my older shots!

What did change in the Wealthy Farmers Abandoned House was the collapses.  There were two significant ones that had occurred.  The first was at the back of the house.  The whole wall had fallen into the crawl space!  As well, the laundry room had some catastrophic changes.

Aside from that it was pretty much the same as I remember it!  As sad as it is to see this place rot, at least its all natural.  Especially after seven years of Canadian winters!

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