Abandoned Bridle Path Mansion

This Abandoned Bridle Path Mansion was truly an incredible explore!  It also was ridiculously big & Zenning with Zay & I saw 99% of it all.   Located at 68 The Bridle Path, this mansion was at one time one of the most expensive houses for sale in the country!

Now this is not the biggest mansion in the country.  We already know that is the The Peter Grant mansion!  But this was certainly one of the most expensive!  Sitting in the Bridle Path neighbourhood, this nearly 30,000 square foot mansion was built on two lots purchased in the early 1980's by Robert Campeau.  Campeau was a real estate developer who made his fortune starting with the development of the suburb Kanata, Ontario.

The French Chateau inspired mansion featured 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, state of the art gourmet kitchen, a 50 foot indoor swimming pool.  What's interesting is that the pool has custom cover which turns the massive room into a dance floor for a ballroom.

This Abandoned Bridle Path Mansion has hosted many exclusive events including a party for Jane Fonda.  The pool was covered for the event & the staff worked feverishly overnight to prepare the pool.  See the next day former prime minister Pierre Trudeau would be there for swim!

The mansion was also blessed by the Toronto archbishop Cardinal Gerald Emmett Carter.  It has also been in several movies & television shows!  Most notably was the movie It Takes Two starring Ashley & Mary-Kate Olsen, Steve Guttenberg & the late Kirstie Alley.  Another well known show, Suits used it as a filming location.

In 2002 Harold and Sara Springer purchased the mansion for $7.5 million & were the last people to live there.  The wealthy couple bought the mansion & wanted to match the authenticity of a French Chateau.  They filled the mansion with antiques dating back to the 17th century & hired famed landscape architect for the grounds.

The attention to detail in this place was amazing.  The hand painted cobblestone street scene was to evoke a feeling of the streets in Paris.

When we first entered this place our jaws dropped.  Zenning with Zay & I had seen some other photos from this place but they didn't do it justice.  It was really so friggin big!  But to be honest, there was a a lot of wasted space.  We had spent a good 4 hours exploring it.  Now this was the last explore for the day so we had already done a lot of walking.   By the time I was done taking photos & ready to film I was pretty tired.  Yet I had to finish.

The two best features of the mansion had to be the pool & grand entrance.  Both were awe inspiring but there was one thing I didn't like.  The pool is not centered in the massive room!  I really don't understand why this would be done but there has to be a reason.  Regardless, it was just so incredible I am happy we had our chance to explore!  Sadly, this beauty that once stood at 68 The Bridle Path has been demolished.

7 thoughts on “Abandoned Bridle Path Mansion”

  1. Wow…and those curtains left behind….is it still there? What happened to the family that left it behind? Great photos

  2. disregard previous question…read again…now demolished…how sad….such a truly beautiful home. I often drive through here as my son lives at York Mills and Yonge….our little Beverly Hills of the North…sort of….also I worked for ATI tech company, and our owner KY HO had a home in Bridle Path…he lived near Prince at the time, and that home is on the market. Absolutely beautiful part of Toronto.

  3. Why did they paint the nice railings all plane white and pint the back room and fire places pink they used to look so much nicer

  4. This is so interesting. I remember Campeau’s fall back in the day, and I shot a couple of films here back in the 1990s. I worked as a set dresser at the time, and I spent a lot of time there one year. My truck driver used to be Campeau’s chauffeur, too. Sad to see it like this now. Thanks for posting. This was a trip down memory lane.

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