Abandoned Ontario Paper Company – Thorold

In December of 2020 I explored the Abandoned Ontario Paper Company with Freaktography.

The history of this place begins in 1912 when the Ontario Paper Company was incorporated.  It was a subsidiary of the Chicago Tribune newspaper under the direction of publisher Robert McCormick. This was when the plant as built!

On September 5, 1913, its No.1 Paper Machine began producing newsprint for the Tribune. Due to insufficient timber supply in southern Ontario, pulp wood was shipped here by water from Lake Superior and Quebec's North Shore. The mill was designed and managed by engineer Warren Curtis Jr.  It was an innovative combined pulp and paper operation that used hydroelectricity from Niagara Falls.

Some early mill employees formed Local 101, International Brotherhood of Paper Makers.  This became the first papermakers' union in Canada. In 1980, the company built a new mill at the old mill's location. The old mill continued to produce up until 1982 before when production shifted entirely to the new plant.  The company was sold in 1996. The Ontario Paper Company Ltd. was committed to its employees and community, and was a technological leader. It pioneered modern operational practices, including the production of valuable chemical byproducts.

The Abandoned Ontario Paper Company was in such state of decay it was a death trap.  Its a good thing it took a lot of effort to get in there otherwise someone could get seriously hurt if not killed!  Even Freaktography went through the floor at the very start of the explore!

The plant sat for decades rotting away becoming not only an eyesore, but a dangerous place!  It also was pretty friggin awesome to explore it!

The plant has since been demolished with only memories, photos & videos remaining.  Definitely a favourite explore for me as I love abandoned industrial places!

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  1. Hi Jamie, A friend of mine just told me of your video of the steam plant & related dept’s at Ontario paper. We worked there for many years until it closed forever when the cogen plant next door became operational.Brought back a lot of memories.If you want more info on some of the equipment feel free to contact me. Sig

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