Abandoned Biker Grow Op

On a recent exploring adventure day Zenning with Zay & I spotted what is now known as the Abandoned Biker Grow Op!  This random discovery turned out to be absolutely incredible!

As we drove past this house there were plenty of signs that it was abandoned. We quickly turned around & I put the address into Google to see if there was any information on it. Much to our surpise we found out that this was a former grow up that was raided by the police! I thought to myself that this would be an interesting explore but had no idea what was waiting for us inside!

The house itself was huge & sat an an equally huge piece of property. It was obvious from the outside that the original house had a large addition added at one point. But, the original house too was quite big!  I was really excited to see what we would find inside!!

We entered through an enclosed back porch are which had a beautiful old piano still in it! From there it led to a kitchen that had been modernized & was likely the original kitchen as the back part was the original house. From there I entered a huge room that was most likely a dining room. That's when I noticed a hose running through the house & box with a lunch of electrical wiring. I didn't think much of it as it could have been random junk tossed in there.

Up until this point of the explore there was nothing indicative that this was at one time an Abandoned Biker Grow Op. That is until I walked past the side entrance & staircase. The next room was clearly a grow room. The hose I previously spotted let to a large Tupperware container used to mix nutrients to water the plants. There was reflective material cove the floors & windows & even a station for starting clones complete with cloning gel left behind. This was pretty amazing to see! Also, you could see where grow lights on pulley systems had been anchored to the ceiling. Beyond that room was the second kitchen & further past that was a huge living room. Seeing how most of the windows were still covered, one could only image just how bright, hot & humid it would have been in there while in full operation.

Heading upstairs there wasn't much evidence of the grow op. It was likely this was the actual living area although its hard to say.  But then as I moved to the back of the upstairs it became a grow op again!  So far things weren't that wild in terms of finds as I've explored other grow ops.  But then I headed back downstairs & found a room I had initially missed.  This is when things really amped up!!

There was actually two rooms I had missed which was a bathroom & then a laundry room. While in the laundry room I was commenting on the sink as it was huge & something you'd see in a restaurant kitchen. That's when I caught a whiff of something. I looked down into a box & spotted a bunch of marijuana buds. By a bunch I would say easily a quarter ounce. I then began to look around more & found a box that had been in a closet & in that was a giant bag of marijuana! I was in disbelief! This was easily a pound of weed just sitting there in a box. I couldn't believe that despite there had been a raid on this place, it was somehow overlooked.  The bag had been ripped open at one point was likely where the other weed I found came from.  There was no telling what was on it/laced with & there were signs of mold so consuming this would be a bad idea.

I didn't think anything else could top that find but there were still quite a bit more to explore! We then headed outside to check out the greenhouses! These were very overgrown & clearly not used for quite some time There was a large building but it was locked up for the most part. The door handle had been smashed off, likely during the raid but fortunately I could open it! Once inside I was blown away!

Inside It seemed like an ordinary garage/shop but then I saw at the far side was some serious ventilation & a huge, completely dark room. I headed over & couldn't believe it. Here was a near complete grow room that could have pumped out a heck of a lot of dope!! All the lights had been removed during the raid, but virtually everything else was still there. Due to the nature of the location I cannot reveal any further details but I must say it was an explore I'd never forget!!

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