Abandoned Country Retreat

This abandoned country retreat was a place Zenning with Zay & I explored almost two years ago to the day.  But due to the setting sun, I didn't do a video.  Every day afterwards I was kicking myself for not doing one.  So, we decided to do a revisit a & do one!

As much as I loved exploring this Abandoned Country Retreat, I didn't even edit my first explore from here!  But all that aside, time to dig in to the explore!!  This retreat as I call it is located in a very remote area & completely surrounded by trees.  In the summer time its completely hidden but once the leaves drop, it can be spotted.  Both times that I have visited were in early fall so there were still virtually all the leaves.  I call it a retreat as the property is not only in cottage country, but there are numerous out buildings & even a quaint log cabin for guests!!

The house itself was quite old & had been built in sections. The front part seemed to be the oldest whereas the back addition built at a later date. The cabin was well crafted & could very well be older than the original house!

Entering from the back I walked into a storage area for wood & various other things. Right there was a beautiful antique washing machine! Then it was into the kitchen where I noticed the floors were done in stone & looked fantastic!!! This area was art of the addition so clearly the were doing pretty well for themselves to have that put in! The cupboards were all still full & everything else was left behind. But unfortunately it was a bit of a mess. Then I headed into the dining room which was the original house. The floors here were terrible but there was no basement to fall in! I noticed all the beautiful woodwork on the walls & ceilings. The living room was also quite nice but a mess & decay was causing cave ins.

As always I save the best for last! The upstairs of this place was AMAZING! The tin ceiling covered in peeling yellow paint! Plus so many things still there. So many little treasures to look at. Plus the crazily decayed bathroom was pretty dang sweet too! I must say I was pretty happy with this explore & will definitely be editing my old pics in the near future to share so you can see what if anything has changed! Definitely an epic adventure!!

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