Abandoned Decayed Farm House

While heading to check out some abandoned locations, Zenning with Zay & I came across this Abandoned Decayed Farm House!  This was the perfect warmup house to kick off an epic day of adventures!

As we were driving down a busy road we spotted what looked to be an abandoned house. As we always do when seeing something like this, we turned around & confirmed what we found! Much to our excitment it was not only abandoned, but also decayed & not trashed! From the looks of the property I had a feeling that vandals probably smashed everything inside but we were pleasantly surprised. The more we checked the place out, the better it became!

Starting the explore outside, it was quite apparent people had been duming garbage & other construction materials on the property. Pretty crappy to see that since someone has to eventually clean it up. Yes, the property is owned by a developer but the just adds costs to the development of the property. So don't be surprised when tiny townhouses cost over a million bucks! It was interesting to see that there was so much stuff left behind in the two workshops. Mind you, a lot of it just seemed like random junk accumulated over the years. The boat had been there for quite a long time seeing as a tree was growing out the middle of it!

The main floor was rather small & only had a family room & a very yellow kitchen! The family room was quite large & featured a nice arched wall between it & the kitchen. The kitchen once had an old woodstove that was since removed. You could see that at one point there was pipes running through a few different holes to allow heat up stairs from the stove. These were long since covered the the stove pipe was converted into a chimney that went right out the wall. Despite the yellow walls in the kitchen, I did enjoy shooting it because of the bold colour & the introduction of decay from the upper floor.

Now heading upstairs I was very happy to see the amount of decay! The bathroom was very decayed & major signs of water damage from a failing celling.  There were three bedrooms as well as the bathroom.  Two of the bedrooms clearly children's room & the last, the master bedroom.  This was very uninteresting compared to the kids room.  There was also a huge Egyptian print hanging on the wall above the stairs which must have been quite a task to put it up.  No wonder it was left behind!  All in all this was a pretty cool explore & a great way to start the day!!

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