Abandoned Mansion in The Woods

The Abandoned Mansion in The Woods was a random find while checking on another location.  I had hiked a distance to check a scout I had but as I got closer, it was clear the scout was gone.  Fortunately this gorgeous place was freshly abandoned!

It wasn't clear that this was abandoned as the long driveway leading up to it seemed very well worn in the snow. As I made our way closer it became apparent that it definitely was abandoned! The most obvious sign was the fact the hydro meter had been removed! Urbex Time!!!

The original home was smaller than it currently is. What was once a modest house had been added on to over the years. Although I was unable to track down any solid info on the place, I peg it at at least 100 years old. How do I know this? Well, looking in the basement & seeing some of the supports it was pretty obvious. The basement was super boring so if you do want to see it, you will need to check the video!

The Abandoned Mansion in The Woods was really quite a nice surprise! Original hardwood flooring throughout, exposed beams & a sweet master bathroom!  It definitely had a warm & homey feel to it.

The mansion, although located deep in the woods is set to be demolished. Reason being a developer has purchased up the land with plans of clear cutting the forest & putting up condos. Pretty sad seeing as the huge piece of property is essentially a piece of the country in the city.

The upper floor of the Abandoned Mansion in the Woods was smaller than the main floor. It still was quite nice!  The hardwood flooring continued to the upper level.  The one thing I found weird was there was no corridor or hallway.  To get to the north or south side you'd have to pass through other rooms.  I believe one may have been a nanny suite but I can't say for certain.

I was pretty happy with this explore even though the place was pretty clean.  I definitely like decay but this clean old place had a lot of charm!

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  1. It makes me angry that these “developers” want to destroy a house with beautiful woodwork, and that could easily be used again. I once lived in a home with the same knotty pine walls, thick and beautiful, and when you closed one of the bedroom doors, it would look like it was part of the wall. I really respect the work you do, hope to see more.

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