Abandoned Mansion in the Woods

In 2016 I had just returned from the Philippines after three weeks work & was in desperate need to get back to my exploring!  My friend Freaktography told me about a spot that he had been given but was unable to check out & said I should get there ASAP.  So on Thanksgiving weekend I loaded up my gear & headed to the remote location where the Abandoned Mansion in the Woods was located.

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Parking a few kilometers away, I made the long hike in through the woods, keeping a distance from the active part of the grounds.   I kept checking my location on my map as it seemed I had walked quite a distance yet see nothing!  I was on the right track & soon an overgrown set of stairs was visible.  I followed them & as I reached the top I had my first glimpse of the mansion.  I was excited & yet very nervous & quickly made my way to the mansion & quickly found my way in.

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The corridors & rooms were huge & not a single sign of vandalism throughout!  Although empty, this mansion was completely untouched!  I made my way around to the various wings taking in the size & beauty of this incredible place all with a ear to ear grin on my face!

urban exploring, abandoned place, abandoned ontario places, urbex

The person that had originally found the mansion had shared it with VERY few people, one in particular to see what how quickly it would spread.  In no time hoards of explorers made their way to the mansion, many of which didn't take the necessary precautions that any seasoned explorer should.  It became widely known that any car parked out front, even if it was up the road at the mail boxes, was there exploring the mansion.   So whenever a car was spotted, the police were called.  This led to the mansion being completely sealed up & numerous trespassing tickets issued.  These things happen so I am happy I had to opportunity to enjoy it before all the attention & police!

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    1. This sits on the grounds of an active research facility. They have since sealed the mansion & actively monitor it & will & have called the police. Unfortunately I cannot share it.

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