Abandoned Mad Scientist Laboratory

Back in late 2018 a follower of mine had sent me a message asking what my thoughts were on hoping fences & trespassing to see an abandoned location.  Intrigued, I followed up & after a bit of back & forth he mentions that there is a really cool old laboratory out where he lives.  I was VERY interested as finding a lab is such a rare thing & I really had only explored one other.    From the pictures he sent I knew this was somewhere I should get to but its always about timing & what other locations I already have in queue to explore.

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Weeks went by & the adventures never stopped.  2019 kicked off with a massive 3,000km road trip & a dozen or so other adventures but then I came across a point on my map that I had completely forgotten about!  The lab!  I had planned on exploring some other places in the area so made the trip down to the lab & as always, parked a fair distance away to not draw any attention.  I quickly make my way inside the dark building & start my initial walk around.  It was in rough shape & clearly had been used as a storage facility for various things.  The excitement built when I started to uncover boxes of glassware.    From what I could tell, the lab ceased to operate as a lab sometime in the mid 1990's but was later used for storage with items such as restaurant appliances, industrial generators & plenty of other random items.    There were clear signs of looting & vandalism but surprisingly a lot of the glassware was still in tact!  The explore was quite relaxed until it was time to leave.  I slowly open the door only to discover I was surrounded by "security".  They knew I was there however couldn't see me through the crack in the door.  Fortunately after a short while they gave up & left giving me a chance to make my escape!

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