Addams Family Abandoned House

One of the first explores of 2021 included a revisit to the Addams Family Abandoned House with Freaktography!


My first visit was in early 2020 with Zenning with Zay. We had a scout to check out & it turned out to be the Addams Family Abandoned House!  Since that visit I had wanted to return to see how things progressed.  It quickly became a hotspot but despite the steady flow of explorers, the house has remained relatively the same.

The house is located in rural Ontario & surround by hills & fields.  This proved to be challenging to take my drone so unfortunately I was unable to get any shots on our first visit.  Fortunately this time I was able to capture some shots & video before the wind picked up.

It was nice to visit this place with everything essential dead. I was hoping to go here during the fall but I guess I'll have to wait!

Seeing as the inside really didn't change that much I didn't bother takings pictures of every room. Especially the rooms I didn't find that interesting during the first visit! Click here to see the first visit!

Last but certainly not the least, the widows walk & stairs. Both had remained almost untouched however someone came & ripped out the newel post. A great explore in a place that deserved a revisit!  As for this future of this place, well I'm not really sure.  I somewhat recall seeing or something that said it would be saved but that may have been another place!  So far its remained in pretty good shape.  Let's hope it stays that way!

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  1. I thought that house was nice, i bet it was beautiful back in its time. I would love to be able to have it and renovate and live there. I would need to change a few of the colors. ☺

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