Abandoned Canadian Artist’s Mansion & Studio

The first location of an epic day was the Abandoned Canadian Artist’s Mansion!

While out adventuring with Zenning with Zay I took a wrong turn & spotted what appeared to be an abandoned house.  As we drove up to it I really didn't expect too much but it certainly looked big.  I quickly ran up to the house to see if it was open & at all interesting.  A quick look inside & I came out & said to her, "Let's explore!".  The first few rooms we entered where big & bright which was rather deceiving from the outside.  As we explored I then I started noticing odd things but didn't really put all the pieces together until the end of the explore.  There was a life size dog made from masking tape which struck me as odd but I figured it was some kids project.

As we made our way around the house it quickly became clear that this was no ordinary house.  In fact it was definitely a mansion in its day!   Bedroom after bedroom, bathroom after bathroom, this place just seemed to get bigger & bigger the further we explored!

There seemed to have been two kitchens & the main one seemed small where as the second one was basic but rather large.  There was also dining room which featured a grand piano which fortunately was still in pristine working condition.

I then stumbled upon the master bedroom.  As soon as I entered I was instantly reminded of the Sexy Retreat Time Capsule!  On the ceiling, right above where the bed would be was a massive mirror!  Kinky!  Just off the bedroom was a small corridor leading the a walk-in closet, bathroom & sauna!  The Bathroom was also quite sexy with mirrors all around the jacuzzi tub, even on the ceiling!  The interesting thing about the corridor was at the end was a mirrored secret door which lead into the dining room!

This mansion was just so interesting & I had only really explored the upper/main floor!  Then I noticed a staircase leading up so naturally I followed!  Up the tight stairs was yet another bedroom!  This one was super unique & would have been an awesome bedroom for a kid...heck, I would love to have it now!

With the upper floor now completely explored it was time to move on to the basement to see what else we could find!  Once again the mansion presented us with more amazing discoveries with an absolutely massive living room with a beautiful stone fireplace & yet another grand piano!  Additionally there was a laundry room, another bathroom with shower, kitchenette & a bedroom but there was still one door that I had not yet opened.  Here is where things really became interesting!

As I walked through the door I was awestruck!  I didn't really know what I had discovered but I knew it was something incredible so I quickly ran upstairs & told Zay what I had found & when both returned to dig in!  Turns out we had uncovered a artists studio!  There were wax & plaster of paris sculptures everywhere.  The more we poked around, the more the mystery revealed itself!  Then Zay decided we should start unwrapping some of them....

We really couldn't believe that all these, someone's life work had just be left behind.  After finding a name I decided to do some research to see what, if anything I could find out about the previous owners.  Turns out this was the previous house of a world renowned Canadian artist!  The Czech born artist is well known for printmaking, drawings & bronze sculptures.  Pieces are full of humanity often depicting family, couples & mother & child.  The artists rise to fame was quick & the artist has met MANY famous people including Ronald Reagan, Jesse Jackson, Pierre Trudeau, Luciano Pavarotti, Bill Clinton, Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Layton, Jean Chretien & the list goes on.

Now enjoy all the fine details which we uncovered!

This truly was an incredible explore, one that you start off not really all the excited about but the deeper you dig, the more you discover.  This mansion is truly an important part of Canadian heritage & I was happy to have had the chance to see it first hand.  After finding all these incredible details we recently returned to see what if anything had changed & much to my dismay some of the wax molds used for sculptures had been thrown around & destroyed.  The place is no more so this is all that is left of the Abandoned Canadian Artist's Mansion.

5 thoughts on “Abandoned Canadian Artist’s Mansion & Studio”

  1. There should be a gallery or something that would collect all the art and sculptures to keep them from being lost. Must be quite a story behind the art and the house being abandoned.

  2. too many rooms and greed gets to become a problem. who got to enjoy it? so what happened to the artist:?

  3. This is really an atrocity. One of which should never have been shared on social media but rather brought to the attention of the historical society. No wonder his work was trashed! Just horrible

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