Abandoned Haunted House

We started off an amazing day of exploring with this Abandoned Haunted House! At first I thought it was a normal Abandoned House, but things quickly changed once inside!

This abandoned house was built in the early 1900's & still looks amazing from the outside!  They certainly don't build them like that these days!  From the look of the property, we estimated this place to have been lived in a year ago!  I checked on my phone map app & sure enough it still was lived in back in sept 2021!

The house was pretty much empty but it was still quite interesting.  The rooms were big & colourful & even had some sweet wallpaper!  The bathroom was odd as it had a massive window.  I bet the original design didn't include it. The staircase was nothing too special in terms of woodwork but they were nice & wide!

The kitchen inside the Abandoned Haunted House was big & bright!  A common thing for these old places.  I noticed the family room that the baseboards were enormous!  I would say at least 16 inches tall!  I've seen them tall before but not that tall!   The bathroom on the main floor had a sweet claw foot tub!

We were outside looking around when my amazing wife Zenning with Zay found a tote filled with dolls! We decided we needed to set them up & take some pics!  Some were creepy!

Oh and I bet you're wondering why I called this a haunted house?  Well, this is absolute proof that ghosts exist!!


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