Abandoned House With Secret Grow Op

As this often happens, Zenning with Zay & I were out when we stumbled across this Abandoned House With Secret Grow Op!

It was the overgrown driveway that caught my eye causing me to do a u-turn for further investigation! I was sure this place was abandoned but I've been to worse places that were still lived in!  Fortunately after a few seemingly endless minutes I could see the house was mostly empty.  Time to explore!

I started off my explore in the house as it looked like it could be interesting. From the outside I could see it as quite old. The bedrooms were small & crooked!

The house itself smelled terrible as if cats had peed pretty much everywhere!  There were numerous litter boxes & a large pet crate int he kitchen.  So it was obvious they had pets.  The living room had amazing wood from floor to ceiling but was neglected in recent years.  Sad to see.

I get into the basement & after battling endless spiderwebs I see the power is working!  As I poke around a room at the back seemed out of place.  It was a very small bedroom that was barely big enough for the bed in there.  Pretty weird to say the least.  Plus, the door leading to the room where this tiny room was had a huge lock on the door.  Seemed like they could lock people in there if needed.  Maybe nothing sinister but still weird!

The property of the Abandoned House With Secret Grow Op was pretty wild.  There was a trailer, a bunkie of sorts with some weird art, plumbing & electrical work all over.  Pretty sketchy the power was still working  this was no where near any proper building codes!

I started to thinking it was used for many thing & a grow op was one!  The one huge room had so many lights & reflective walls.  Pretty standard stuff for a grow op!  From what we found out, the people last living here were artistic & quite odd.

Based on everything we found the house had only been abandoned maybe a year and a bit.  I had almost walked away when I spotted this one odd building at the back.  There it was, a secret grow room!  Well, there was a sign so I guess not much of a secret!  Either way it was really cool!   Be sure to check the video as this was quite the explore!

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  1. Where is this. Listen i was a multi millionair who was in accident lost my crypto n forgot all the shit i bought. I been here i remember this place… Can i get more info please

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