Abandoned Quebec Farm House

On our one year anniversary Zenning with Zay & I went explored this Abandoned Quebec Farm House!  A random find shortly after waking up at our crown and campsite! It turned out to be an amazing find!

It had been one year since we got married in the Abandoned Burwash Prison!  We decided a great way to spend it was to go on a road trip for some exploring & crow land camping with our pup, Opie!

Once we had packed up our tent at our lake-side camp site & headed out looking for adventure. There was't really that many places lined up to explore. We just wanted to explore! Not long in the car & I spotted this beauty!  This old cedar shake house had been abandoned for quite some time.   This place sure seemed like a hunt camp.

It seemed like the kitchen area was used as a cabin. It wasn't clear to me at the time, but after the explore this made sense. Above the kitchen was a storage room which was actually quite big! It was interesting to see how this part was built n to the existing house. You can see this in the video but it wasn't really easy to get a photo of it.

The main house was pretty awesome! It was showing signs of its age. It al seemed to slope to the centre of the house. But actually, it went right to a back corner. I had a peek into the basement & saw it was in rough shape. There was no safe way to get down there but I had zero intentions in doing that. When I got upstairs, that's when I really noticed the decay! The last two pics above were from upstairs as were the rest below!

There were two rooms upstairs that were amazing! I loved the the old bed & pram. Especially the colours, texture & decay! This was a pretty epic explore! Be sure to check out more Abandoned Quebec places!!

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