Abandoned Nashville North

Back in 2021 Zenning with Zay & I explore the Abandoned Nashville North Party Bar!  Although I never ended up going here, many of my friends did & said it was a blast!

This place wasn't always known as Nashville North!  It originally opened under the name Riveria Club back in the day! Construction began in 1961 & the club opened Jan 1, 1962. The  Octagon-shaped building had huge windows on all sides providing a view of the nearby Credit River.  The upper level featured a balcony that overlooked the dancefloor & stage area.  It also had a lounge, pool tables & bar!

The lower level had a sunken dance floor, some dining tables & a large stage with a DJ Booth.  There was an outdoor patio area & bar but it really wasn't much so I don't bother taking any pictures.   Over the years the name & use changed & at one point there were recreation facilities with the addition of a pool added & fitness club.  It seemed strange to us when we found it but now we know why!

Now when we explored Abandoned Nashville North I was positive it was going to be demolished. It was in prime development land! But much to my surprise when I looked up the address I found it had been repurposed! It is now Motorsports store!!

Main Level of the Abandoned Nashville North

Pretty interesting past with plenty of changes throughout its lifetime. Nashville North closed forever on Aprl19 2019. New owners did a great job at changing up its image but in the end, non of it mattered. The bar was closed. I am sure many of my friends will have fond & blurry memories of this place!

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