Abandoned Ontario Factory With Surprises

The very last explore of 2021 was this Abandoned Ontario Factory With Surprises!  I had actually been there before with my pal Carlo Paolozza a few years earlier.  This time I returned with Zenning with Zay & met our friend Static Spaces!

I've always loved abandoned factories. Having lived in Brantford for several years I was able to enjoy the sprawling Massey Ferguson plant before it was demolished. I just love the grittiness & sheer size of these places. Plus, the symmetry & repetition are just so visually appealing. Plus add in some decay & its a real treat!

This factory manufactured griding wheels & sharpening abrasives.  It was first opened in 1915 after the original plant, made mostly of wood, burned to the ground!  The facility grew with two large additions made during the 1930's.  Growth continued during the late 30's & early 40's as part of the war effort.  Then the 1980s hit.  The economic downturn was devastating & the sister plant in Niagara Falls NY shutdown, followed shortly by this one.  in 1998 a company in nearby Hamilton, bought the technology, trade name & market information.  Today although this building is abandoned, the much larger facility is running at capacity.  You can even see glimpses of it in the video!

I really enjoyed revisiting this place as it's been a while since I explored some old school industrial! I guess it's not as interesting as abandoned time capsules but in a way it is! Afterall, people had to work!

The main floor of the Abandoned Ontario Factory With Surprises was where...the surprises were! I had been there before but this time there was newly added! The rides on skids were new & like everything else, were form a nearby amusement park. Not sure shy since this factory doesn't seem to be apart of the property!

The last area was this weird room filled with antlers. I swear this was here several years ago when I first explored it. Pretty wild to say the least! All in all this was an explore explore!

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  1. I recall following you in the early days when you did quite a few industrial places mostly with Freaktography. I am pretty sure you also did some high city building rooftops.some of the night shots were quite beautiful.

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