Abandoned Mortgage Fraud Mansion

In the summer of 2022 we finally had our chance to explore this Abandoned Mortgage Fraud Mansion!  Both myself & Zenning with Zay didn't really anything about this place at the time aside from the price it last sold for.  Turns out it was auctioned of after being ceased!  The mansion had been involved in a mortgage fraud!

The neighbourhood has huge lots with mature trees.  Definitely an upscale area.  Although it is still worth millions, its on the lower end of the scale when it comes to price point.

Many of the places that exchange ownership in this area often see the house demolished with some instances of them being remodeled.  There are a few around here that we actually explored previously that sat in limbo for a few years before being re-done!

The upper level of the Abandoned Mortgage Fraud Mansion was odd to say the least.  It gave a vibe of just complete randomness when it was designed.  One bathroom with so many mirrors & secret room.  To see the room you need to check out the video!  The the rooms were all over the place in terms of styling.  Even weirder, was the master bedroom with its long corridor & strange layout.

I really enjoyed the kitchen & dining area. It was massive & offered some great natural light!  A lot of dark wood indicating the house could use a freshen up!

I was really hoping for more when it came to the staircase here. I mean, its not terrible by any means. I just had high expectations! That said I shot it from all angles that I felt did it justice! A pretty sweet explore that we finally got to do after several attempts!

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