Abandoned Plymouth Farm House

Spotted across a field from the road was this Abandoned Plymouth Farm House!  As we drove up, Zenning with Zay I didn't think we'd be able to get in.  The place looked pretty sealed up.  But then we found a way in!

I am not really a fan of places that are boarded up.  The main reason being is the lighting.  Artificial light doesn't appeal to me when I shoot but is more of a necessity.  That said when a place is amazing I will obviously shoot it!  The thing about this abandoned house was the top floor was clearly wide open so at the very least, up there would be good shooting! Once inside I was pretty impressed overall!

Unfortunately I cannot provide any history of any sorts when it comes to this place.  I looked up the address & could find nothing.  As well, there was nothing really left behind that I could se that had a family name.  The only thing things I can comment on is that clearly it was built in the 1900's & has seen better days!

I really enjoyed the paint throughout. It reminded me of so any other abandoned house I've explored. The bright neon green seemed odd & I would be curious to see what it actually looked like lived in. Hard to match furniture to that!

The upstairs here was amazing! Nothing but natural decay, amazing textures & colours! This was the type of abandoned house that really got me into the hobby. A classic as Zay & I would call it!

The Abandoned Plymouth Farm House got its name simply because of the Valliant we found! Nothing more!  I always enjoy finding cars, especially when they have this much character!

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  1. Good investment… if i had money n time to fix it to original style I buy it… those cars are real metal.. they do t make them like that anymore.

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