Abandoned Ontario Historic Hotel

In early 2020 Zenning with Zay & I decided to check out this Abandoned Ontario Historic Hotel.  Unfortunately due to the snow & ice the way in was blocked.  But later in the year when the weather was beautiful it was finally accessible!!

Built in early 1850's this three storey red brick hotel was one of five hotels in the small rural Ontario town.  But by 1911 it was the last one standing.  On our first visit here to this Abandoned Ontario Historic Hotel the snow was very deep & ice had frozen in front of doors making entry impossible.  I had climbed over a fence to & immediately fell face first into the deep snow.  Fortunately several months later Freaktography told me that it was now possible to get in!

After 25 years of being a "dry" hotel, the inn received its liquor licence in the mid 1950s!  This was the only hotel north of the big city that had one which made it a hit with locals & the surrounding communities.  Over the decades to follow it quickly became known as one of the hottest night spots in the county featuring live entertainment nightly!

The success of the Hotel & Saloon continued for many years which meant plenty of revenue to continuously upgrade it! Now I'm not exactly when it finally shutdown for good but I do know it has sat empty for close to 40 years. During this time there has been virtually no effort put forth to preserve this beautiful building.

Over the years there has been plans to do something with the old building however there are many issues that the owner has come up against.  It seems the in the end it will be demolished as it is just far too gone & too costly to repair.  That said, even demolition plans are stalled as there is an issue of the hydro needing to be moved & the developer doesn't want to spend the money unless they are reassured it can be done so.

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