Retro Toys Time Capsule

Persistence pays off & this Abandoned Retro Toys Time Capsule is proof of that!!  Zenning with Zay & I had tried this place several times but it was always in the winter.  There was a hole in the roof where we could have gained access but it seemed to sketchy & with in being winter, the doors were frozen shut!  A few weeks back we decided to give it another try & succeeded!!

I started off the explore in the kitchen, well what was left of it!  The floor was covered in insulation & ceiling boards.  Plus a massive hole was allowing all the elements & animals in.  It was in the kitchen I saw a calendar that was dated 2012.

From there I headed int the dining room which was unbelievable! Everything was left behind & most everything was still setup. It was pretty amazing seeing all the personal items still on shelves. Its also sad seeing family photso left behind which there were quite a few of them. It seemed that there was little if any effot to pack things up.

The family room was just like the dining room with everything still setup. It was clear this place had been abandoned for a long time & surprising that despite someone going through stuff, it was still in tact. I really liked the one hanging light as well as the funky bottle.

This is where the Retro Toys Time Capsule house gets its name.   At the top of the stairs I found a box with Key Cars set!  That was a pretty cool find but that wasn't it!  I turned around & spotted several 80's era toys & games in boxes!  Pretty cool stuff & a lot of them were never opened!

There were two other rooms upstairs as well as a bathroom. All were still mostyl setup & untouched. Beds were still made, clothes still hung & even a hat hung on the vanity. The bathroom was really cool with all the decay & everything still in the medicine cabinet. This place really checked all the boxes on my list for a good explore!

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  1. Did you hear that Riddim ran into Motleykiwi?
    No what happened?
    He hurried away out of sight and wouldn’t show himself. Then goes “I’m leaving out the back”, leaving his girlfriend alone with him.
    What a little behoych
    Did you hear that Riddim ran into O.AP?
    No what happened?
    He ran around locking all the doors so he couldn’t get inside and was nervously looking out the peep hole. Then flipped him off when he saw he was being watched. Wouldn’t come out of the house until they left.
    Super super behotch.
    Sounds like someone who drives a Juke. Do you think he smelled the dog chit we left on the driver handle?

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