Dangerous Abandoned House

Almost completely hidden from view sits this Dangerous Abandoned House!  Zenning with Zay & I were out & about when we spotted a cluster of trees up an laneway into a field.  We figured we should drive u & see if anything was there!  Sure enough, we found an abandoned house!

The house was clearly abandoned for many years but it was also quite impressive!  The brickwork was incredible & overall from the outside it looked quite stately!  We knew there would be decay inside as we could see the roof was damaged but once inside we were shocked!

It was very apparent that someone had come in here & robbed out all the hardwood flooring.  In all honesty, I'd rather it be repurposed than rot away but I don't condone stealing.  That said, with the flooring gone, this was a Dangerous Abandoned House!  It was pretty awesome seeing the original floor joists being hand cut timbers!  It really puts a date on this old beauty!

I had to carefully navigate my way around this place since it was so sketchy!  Then I headed upstairs & things were just as bad!  All the upper level floors had bee robbed out as well!  I didn't go too far around there but did get a chance to shoot a few rooms.  Fortunately my balance is excellent otherwise I'd probably had taken a bad spill!  Thankfully we made it out safely without injury to explore another day!

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