Abandoned Gambrel House

In early 2021 Zenning with Zay & I were out on a road trip when we decided to stop in at the Abandoned Gambrel House!  I had this place on my list for many years but never happened to be in the area!

We were on our last day of a road trip & had swanted to check a narby by abandoned house however there were too many citizens around so we decided to move on to another nearby spot. That happened to be this house! I knew the distinct design had a name but only now did I find out what is actually was which is why I call this the Abandoned Gambrel House! Apparently that is the name of this barn styled home!

Even though it was the end of winter this place was still mostly hidden from view of the road. Also, since its on a curve in the road you could easily miss it! The barn shaped house had been abandoned for many years but I am not entirely sure just how long. I've probably had it on my map for a good decade now!

We entered the Abandoned Gambrel House through the enclosed porch. It was really nice at one time I am sure offering protection from the element & bugs. But not so much these days. From there we entered into wat I assume was the dining room as it was just off the small kitchen& was the biggest room in the whole place. I suspect this is where the family spent most of their time. Not just for dining, but relaxing by the fire!

At the front of the house was the main staircase & family room. The stairs were quite nice all in hardwood. There was a small storage area behind the stairs but nothing in it. The family room was small but featured some nice hardwood shelves & framing around the doorway!

Finally we check out the upstairs! The decay up there was pretty awesome & the classic farm house colours were all over the place! Some of the flooring was in pretty bad shape & the railing at the main stairs was deadly as it was only about knee height! Although there was nothing really left behind here, it still was a fun & relaxing explore & even Opie came in for a bit but wash kept leashed up for his safety!

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    1. Some places there isn’t much documented history. Other places there is an abundance however it ca be too much that would give it away to treasure hunters & vandals. I try my best to protect these places as far too often they are destroyed. Thank you!

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