Abandoned Roman Catholic Cathedral

From several kilometers away Zenning with Zay & I spotted the steeple of a church & decided to check it out.  Turns out, it was an Abandoned Roman Catholic Cathedral!  We knew that if we could find our way in it would be something special, but little did we know that it would turn out to be this EPIC!!

After this Abandoned Roman Catholic Cathedral closed its doors for the final service there was a brief time when it was lived in. It's an odd yet equally amazing place to take up residence but I am sure it would cost a fortune to heat & cool!

As you can see from the outside this place is massive! Unfortunately the wind was fierce so I was able to do much drone work but am happy I was abe to grab a few shots!

We start of this explore in the basement of the Abandoned Roman Catholic Cathedral. This as where the church hosted events including but not limited to parties, meetings etc. Churches were often the hub of the community so I am sure that there were even community related meets held here! Although it was mostly in great shape, there were areas near the front where decay was starting to show due to lack of maintenance. The wheelchair & giant cross was a pretty cool find!

Now before we get into the good stuff, there is still the front foyer area & a back kitchen to explore! I probably could have taken more shots of these areas but to be honest, I was too excited for the main sanctuary! But, I still had to show the beauty throughout this incredible place! The stained glass windows were all still in tact which was nice & there was only a little bit os debris on the floors making this one of the cleanest abandoned places I've explored!

The church was built circa 1905 & had plenty of things done to it over the first decade. I am not sure when exactly it had its last service but I do know that it is historical. So historical that virtually nothing can be altered in it which makes it a VERY difficult sell. You can really see the French architectural influence throughout the sanctuary! It truly is a beautiful building that is slowly decaying away.

Despite the fact that it has historical & nothing can be altered, the same group that gave it the designation are doing seemingly nothing to save it themselves. This happens far too often sadly. I am glad we had a chance to explore this beauty!

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