Time Capsule in The Woods

After checking on it for several years whenever we were in the area, Zenning with Zay & I finally got the chance to explore this abandoned Time Capsule in The Woods!

This was one of those places we were sure was abandoned but it always made us uneasy when we went up to check on it. There was a light that was always on inside for starters. Plus once you got closer to the house it was difficult to see inside & someone could be standing right there & you wouldn't notice until you were right in front of them!

So a few months back we checked it out & sure enough it was open!  It was pretty sketchy in there but it was VERY clear nobody had been there for years.  There were cobwebs every few feet it seemed when I was walking through the house.  I first started at the front door & it was pretty wild that everything was still in place.  Then I headed into the kitchen where I the kitchen table was covered in items.  It was starting to seem that there was a brief attempt at packing things up here.  But just the kitchen & nothing else.

Down the corridor was a bathroom that did seem like someone had started to take things out. But again, any packing up was cut short. From there I went into a bedroom & this one kinda creeped me out. It felt that someone has squatting in there. I guess it was the unmade mattress on the floor with a sleeping bag. Then into another bedroom that was almost untouched! Again this bedroom seemed someone got out of bed & never returned.

Then over to the family room. This was petty wild as everything there was left in place. But it was clear someone had come in to the Time Capsule In The Woods looking for something. All the couch cushions had been removed which I suspect someone was looking for money. The dining room was just the same as the family room.  But, the cobwebs were pretty bad.  In the first picture you can see them hanging from the ceiling.

Then I found there was a back sitting room! This was a pretty cool spot with a wood stove, severa different sets of horns on the wall & hutches filled wtih personal items. Its always so interesting & sad exploring these places. The last stop was the basement. It was clear there had been a flood. It didn't take long to see the sump pump had failed causing the flood. Now, I didn't mention it above but the master bedroom also had decay. The ceiling was showing water damage & will be falling down in areas soon. Now seeing the basement it was even more evident this place had been abandoned for several years.  The owners of the house were an elderly couple & the wife passed away roughly about 12 years ago.  The husband lived there for a few years after until he suffered from a an illness & was admitted to hospital.  Sadly, his health worsened & he passed away.  Its a sad tale & happens often.

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