Abandoned Sheep Farmer Home

While out adventuring with Zenning with Zay we spotted this Abandoned Sheep Farmer Home!  At first we didn't expect much as the main floor was boarded up, or so we thought!

This house was last owned by a sheep farmer which became pretty obvious as I made my way around. I also did a some digging to see what if any historical value it may have. Turns out it is considered to have to heritage value however there is nothing in the works for it to receive designation. There also wasn't a prominent family name associated with the house that I could find on record. This tells me that the old century farm house wil likely be demolished.

Inside the Abandoned Sheep Farmer Home it was pretty surprising to see how much stuff was left behind!  A lot of these old farm houses are sold to a developer & then rented out for a while.  That way they can make a little money while permits & plans are in the early stages.  But all too often we see these places filled with stuff which is pretty weird.  I've heard from some farmers before who have rented out the old farm hoses that some times the renters are more hassle than just leaving the house abandoned.

Moving on thorugh this place I kept finding more & more thing left behind! It was also clear this place was a lot bigger than it looked from the outside! I ddin't know anything about this past owners but then when I got to the back door area I found something key out! THey were sheep farmers! This was completely based on the nuerous bad pun stickers found on the wall!

I ended my explore of the to floor of the house. This turned out the be the best part of the whole place in my opinion! Some rooms still had quite a bit of tuff left behind but my favourite was the pink room! There was furniture, natural decay & signs of who was last living there. Its always sad to see things left behind. This is especially true when the stuff clearly belonged to a child. Regardless, it does make for a pretty cool explore!

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