Abandoned Theme Park

Exploring this Abandoned Theme Park was definitely one of the highlights of the road trip!  This was about the mid point to the road trip & was the first explore after part one of the the blog!

The Abandoned Theme Park was something I just so happened to hear about only days before Zenning with Zay & I hit the road!  I really had no idea what to expect so we were extra cautious at first.  But it wasn't that way the entire time!  We quickly became comfortable with the park up until we spotted security.  Then it became a game of hide  seek.

The history of this Abandoned Theme Park was quite eventful for having been around for a relatively short period of time.  The park was funded & constructed entirely by the province & opened in 1989 at a cost of $23 Million!  In less than 5 years rumors swirled that the park was in danger of shutting down which prompted a group of local businesses made a bid to take it over.  The bid didn't measure u to a bid made by 16 businessmen from Hong Kong.  Unfortunately these businessmen had little interest in the actual park.  Turns out by investing in the park they were able to gain immigration into Canada through an investment program.

The businessmen had only laded a 3 year lease during shih time they made numerous which led to a drop in attendance of around 22%. This is a huge number & the original group that made a bid, finally won it uncontested in 1996 for a 10 tear lease. Sadly by this time the park had suffered from years of neglect & missing inventory. Two years later after winning their bid, the government invented $1.4 million & another million in 2003. A previously closed tunnel that connected two area was reopened as attendance rose to 100,000! The management team had turned the deficit into a surplus of 200K!

In 2007 the park was sold to a local not for profit group for $1 million. The province kicked in an additional $1.3 million for capital improvements & to fund the transition. In the same year the group declared the park to officially be debt free! The park manager also stated the park created 200 direct & 200 indirect jobs & was a major part of the local economy.

Now the first shot from the set below might look familiar. It was actually the Haunted Abandoned Stone Mansion! I figured it was big enough on its own for a stand-alone post so there it is!   Apparently that was actually donated by a kindly older man who had hopes of seeing a theme park there.  Well that's what I was told when I posted it! Then I headed over to the rollercoaster.  Zay had already been over there but it was now my time.  Go figure security is lurking in the area.  I had to cut my trip over to that area short so I can get back to the rest of rides!

With numerous confirmed sightings now of security we headed back to where we first came into the park which was by the waterslide & flume ride. These two spots were pretty awesome & obviously based on the number of pics I took, the flume ride was my fave! I was disappointed we had to cut our visit short due to security but it was an amazing explore!! The plan for the property was to clear the land, repurpose rides & attractions else where & hopefully build a private school. The last article I saw was some legal issues in December where some shady dealings had occurred. I also read of security not being paid at times. Pretty crazy explore & story nonetheless!!

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  1. I’m sure it’s just outside Annapolis Royal NS. At least it looks very familiar. Been there several times with my grandchildren, I had thought it has been shut down the last 2 years because of Covid.

  2. The “Sissiboo Sizzler” flume ride was originally at Expo 86 in Vancouver. “The “Tree Topper” roller coaster was one of the last coasters designed by William Cobb., and one of only five wooden roller coasters existing in Canada at the opening of the “Topper” in 1989.

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