Abandoned Castle With Dungeon

The Abandoned Castle With Dungeon was part of the Abandoned Fairy Tale Theme Park!  But it was just too big for a single post!  While I was outside exploring the village, Zenning wth Zay found a way inside!

Now before we head inside, here is a handful of drone shots.  Sadly it was brutally cold & the drone doesn't like that so I was only able to get a few.  Our first visit last so long I didn't have time to get any drone shots!

Once inside the Abandoned Castle With Dungeon we were immediately blown away!  There were so many collectables & what could be antiques!  I especially loved the armour suits & giant elephant!

Then I found stairs leading to a basement!  That turned out to be pretty awesome as it was done up to look like a dungeon!  It was total darkness down there so I was glad to have my light otherwise I may have missed it all.

From what I've found out, there used to be escape room held down here during the final years of this place.  They actually all had great reviews which leads me to believe the Fairy Tale Park wasn't generating as much interest & was given less attention,  Mind you that is just  one possibility.

There have been numerous people commenting on what the status of this place is so here is what I know.  There is a proposal in to have the land use changed which likely means developed into house or commercial.  Either way, I doubt this place ill ever open again.  Oh & last but not least, the Dracula!  Talk about nightmare fuel!!

Abandoned Castle With Dungeon

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