Abandoned Fairy Tale Park

Back in the summer of 2021 Zenning with Zay & I decided to check out this Abandoned Fairy Tale Park!

It was July & the mosquitos were pretty bad here.  Fortunately we had bug spray!  We had been wondering about this place for a bit & heard it was closed for renovations.  But the closure lasted a long time so we finally decided to poke around!

This place has been around for nearly 50 years & kids who once visited were bringing their own kids to it. However, it seems that things went downhill after it was sold. From the reviews it sounded like they were really working on it & actively replying to comments. But that stopped at the end of 2017. 2018 reviews are pretty bad & you could tell the end was near.

I must say that the place was looking in rough shape when we went.  It really didn't seem all that safe.  That said I did enjoy the grounds! The buildings are so unique & interesting.

The Abandoned Fairy Tale Park was aimed at younger kids.  I could see older kids being bored pretty quickly.   There really wasn't much to actually do there.  Its basically a big park with fairy tale themed exhibits.

All the little houses had a fairy tale theme but you could only look in through the windows.  This was kinda lame to me but makes sense.  Since this place being for little kids  I am sure it would go sideways pretty quick if you could go in!  But like I said, you would lose interest pretty quick.

Now there was one house left to check.  Much to my surprise the door was open!  Turns out it was Grandma's House complete with the Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood!  It was pretty awesome in there with all the attention to detail!  Th wolf though was pretty creepy!

I mean look at this thing!  It's terrifying & I am sure scared plenty of youngsters!    The adventure isn't done here!  There is still the caste to explore so stay tuned!

Big Bad Wolf

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Fairy Tale Park”

  1. I am positive I’ve been here !!! About 6 years ago, did it have a Christmas shop/store on site ? Is this Niagara Falls area ?

  2. I love in this area. When I first moved here as a child this place was very cool. There was a haunted dungeon in the basement of the castle and the main gift shop area had very cool suits of armour and such on display. When it sold, it was reopened with an escape room in the basement but I never got the chance to go again. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. That is so sad! We used to go there every year when we went up to friends cottage. The girls loved it. I always got a unique souvenir there. My girls have grown up now and the kids today probably do not even know their fairy tales. Thanks for the memories!

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