Classic Abandoned Farm House (Fowler House)

This Classic Abandoned Farm House was a great warm up for the day!  Zenning with Zay  & I had both had previously explored it but some places are worth a revisit!

The house has been abandoned for a very long time.  I explored it on two other occasions but this was before I had my blog.  Looks like I will need to dig in the vault for the older explores for some comparisons!

I do recall from my first visit that there was a lot more things left behind.  In fact some rooms had been completely cleaned out.  There were also clear signs of organizing of items.

It was even more surprising that there was still virtually zero vandalism!  The only real damage here was all done by nature!  Considering this place is on a very busy highway it is surprising.  Then again, its also in the middle of nowhere so you would have to drive there to trash it.

The decay in the kitchen was better than ever! I certainly wouldn't want to be in there during the hot & humid summer months!  All that mold looks pretty bad but the cold winter temperatures kept it to a minimum.  This Classic Abandoned Farm House looks like so many others in this province that it becomes difficult to give them all a name.  I love the look & layout but am saddened to see it rotting away.  It could certainly been fixed up & saved.  You just need to find the right people!

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  1. Didn’t expect to find someone sleeping there when we went. It’s still very much abandoned-looking (smashed front door, collapsed ceilings, etc).. after further research it looks like it *may* have been one of the Fowler boys we bumped into, which makes the whole thing that much more intriguing. Any idea what happened to this family?

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