Untouched Abandoned 1960s Bungalow

Back in the summer of 2023 Zenning with Zay & I explored this Untouched Abandoned 1960s Bungalow!  There a actually two other abandoned house here.  Both of which had been abandoned slightly longer than this one.  I base this solely on the fact it still has power whereas the other two did not.

When we first explored one of the houses, I am 99% sure that this Untouched Abandoned 1960s Bungalow was still lived in!  Of the three, the first one we explored was Abandoned Custom Country Home.  The second, which we explored the same ay as this one was Abandoned Dream Country Home!


Although there wasn't a lot to this place, it did have some cool features!  Pretty much the entire house s all original aside from a newer refrigerator & stove and the kitchen/dining room flooring.  The three pieces of property will are all lsted as preconstruction.  In their place will be a staggering 906 units listed as Condo, Townhouse & Single Family Homes.  The population density of this area is already incredibly high & will only to continue to rise.  Looking at the map for the area, one could easily get lost.  Developments all look the same & inter-connect with each other.   Personally, I am not a fan of the suburbs but many are!

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